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Several Popular Topics about Fire Bats Witch Doctor in 1.0.8 Patch

7/18/2013 6:43:47 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]The adjustments of Witch Doctor Fire Bats in 1.0.8 patch, there are lots of player chooses to play as Witch Doctor. Now, we notice some popular topics always be discussed by players in forum. Our editor summarizes several topics about Witch Doctor as follow. Hope this article would help you guys know more about WD.

1.Two-handed Weapon or Dual Wielding?

Theoretically, the disadvantage of two-handed weapon can reach higher DPS and the attack speed more fluently. The merit of dual wielding is the high life steal can deal with reflect damage monster easily. As for the newbie, the weapon for WD is cheap. While, if you want to increase the DPS that is tough. If you arm with 2-handed weapon, the key Coin to increase DPS is finding a great main weapon and off-weapon which has life steal, and high primary attribute. The most important to Dual Wielding is the attack speed, critical hit damage and critical hit chance!

2.Should choose Stone of Jordon or others rare ring?

Due to the monster density increase, the requirement of Stone of Jordon has decreased. Of course, if you are the Witch Doctor who play Zombie Bear Build, this ring is necessary to ensure the Mana regeneration. At present, we should pay attention to increase the EHP depending on the rare ring or Unity. If you aims to farm Demonic Essence that Stone of Jordon is important.


3.Should Bats and Bear Witch Doctor focus on Attack speed?

The attack speed is the necessary. After the Fire Bats increased, Mana is not the question anymore. To improve the attack speed means you can improve the viability. For my personally, if you arm with dual wielding weapon you should take critical hit damage and critical hit chance at first consideration. While, we can increase attack speed through armor. For example, to choose the waist belt and bracers which have attack speed.

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