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Zombie Bear Wizard Equipment analysis for the Newbie in Diablo III

7/15/2013 6:31:21 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]To compare with Wizard Meteor has 260% damage, Barbarian Hammer of ancient has 406% and Monk wave of light has 736% damage, the Zombie Bears is normal and usual. While, Zombie Bear still is the most popular skill build for Witch doctor in initial. In the early stage of Zombie Bear, we almost farming and upgrading at the low paragon level. The damage comes from companions occupied a large proportion. So, we recommend some suitable items for the newbie of Witch Doctor.



This Mojo would company with you for a long time. We suggest you to buy a great one which has 150+ intelligence, 150+ vitality and the gold and health pickup. Of course, you should in according with your skill build to choose the attribute of Mana regeneration. It is the cost-effective choice in the Auction House.

As for the main weapon, Mana regeneration and has socket is the most important! Of course, if you have enough Diablo 3 Gold that you can add the life on hit. What’s the most, there is no need to add attack speed at early stage.

To keep Mana enough is the most important factor you should take consideration. The Helm we recommend you to choose the Helm which has attribute of Mana regeneration. In addition, 240 intelligence and 60 vitality is the necessary you should pay more attention.

Zunimassa’s Pox has the critical hit damage and all resistance, in addition that you should choose the ring which has average damage. If your gold isn’t enough to get the excellent one, you should come to our store get the cheap D3 gold fast. The boots and armor chest you absolutely should choose the high armor and high intelligence. If the vitality is insufficient, we can solve it through increase the life%.