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The analysis of Diablo 3 Arcane Torrent Wizard Skill Build

7/12/2013 5:59:52 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]At present, the most interesting thing in Diablo III is exploring the new skill build and enjoying the different gaming experience. Recently, we notice most of players discuss about the Arcane Torrent Wizard in forum. According to the expert players sharing, we analysis this skill build in this article. Although this build is easy to operate, it is hard to use it in the real combat! Practice makes perfect is the truth!

Frost Nova: There is no doubt this skill is the most important for Wizard to control the battlefield. In addition, the Deep Freeze would gain 15% bonus to critical hit chance for 12 seconds.


Arcane Torrent: Different from other type wizard, Arcane Torrent Wizard didn't need the other skills to make up the shortage. Arcane Torrent with Blizzard and Cold Blood is the best choice to play full of advantage in the build.


Energy Armor: There are three kinds of armor you can choose as the Wizard. According to my personal skill build, I prefer to the Energy Armor. If you want to enhance your defensive you should choose Prismatic Armor, and the PinCoin Barrier would maximize the output damage.

The operation: to use the Blizzard collect monsters and find the position and release the Sparkflint to kill the monsters. As the long distance profession, we recommend you close to the monster to release the Sparkflint then far away!