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Diablo 3 Guide: Sleet Storm Wizard Skill Build Sharing

7/11/2013 6:23:14 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]Today, we would like to introduce the most popular Wizard skill build –Sleet Storm to you. For a long time, the Ice Wizard plays important position in the group combat which is good at controlling the battlefield and creating the chance for allies to cause damage without worry. As for my personal view, Ice Wizard is my favorite profession in public game. While, Sleet Storm is big difference from Ice Wizard, and the former looks like another kind of Whirlwind Barbarian.

As you can see from this skill build, which depends on the Sleet Storm as the core to create high DPS. After testing almost 1 month in ACT1 – ACT4 classic scene, soloing and making group, I have summarized several suggestions as follow:

Different from the traditional classic Ice Wizard, Sleet Storm Wizard can create damage as well as would ensure the CD reduction. The 364% damage match with Cold Blooded increased at 436.8% which is the highest damage for Wizard. And the Safe Passage would take you 30% damage. What’s more, for the Wizard newbie it would spend cost-effective to equip excellent items.

Equipment Demand:
Actually, Sleet Storm Wizard belongs to the melee players. So the requirement of Armor and Life steal is higher than Ice Wizard. Therefore, the weapon has 3% life steal and the Magic Weapon provides 1.5% damage converted to life is the necessary. Zunimassa's Marrow, Zunimassa's Pox, and Zunimassa's Trail would provide the additional 130 intelligence and 55 all resistance are attractive.

Attack Speed and Elites from Damage:
We all pay more and more attention on Attack speed now because the high attack speed would consume Arcane quickly. You should according to your personal situation to deicide the attack speed. However, the attribute of reducing Elites damage is important for all professions. In Diablo III, Elites is your target to get amazing items. Stone of Jordon, you deserve own it!