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Solo Wizard killed Diablo-ACT4 in inferno.

7/29/2012 6:56:08 PM

As a Wizard with poor equipment through the two months of continuous efforts,finally beated Diablo-ACT4 in inferno.In he end,numerous difficulties exchange great harvest !Now,i want to share my experience of fighting Diablo-ACT4 with every players.Hope the tips can help you vanquish all of monsters.

1.Equipment Basis
All resistence:≥600
Blood Ball:≥4W
Damage:≥4W5 (Tips:With shield can improve parry )
Speed:10-15% Boots(Tips:The speed of movement is the key to avoid Diablo)
Armor:≥5000 (There is no doubt,armor is important to you.With 3000 armor you'd better cut down the repair charge)


2.Choose Skills and Rune
Tips:Try to give the priority to the skills which can reserve your life and continue output harm.

*Diamond Skin - Mirror Skin(The essential skills can absorb more damage)

*Energy Armor - Prismatic Armor

The all resistence can be improved 40%.Based on the 4w blood ball,Diablo couldn't kill you in second.So,with enough resistence can support you continue in the inferno.Also,fault-tolerant rate can be increased.

*Slow Time- Perpetuity

To reduce the cooldown of Slow Time to 16 seconds.In this battle,this skills own the god bless that can reduce all enemies'damage.You can avoid the deadly attack in imminent danger.Especially to fight your own shadow,to use this skill can protect you from doom!

*Hydra - Mammoth Hydra

The essential skills with continuously drains

*Blizzard - Frozen Solid
To reduche the speed and frozen enemies for 3 seconds that can support you run to safe spot.

*Teleport - Wormhole
To help you abovid the ultimate skills of Diablo.

*Unstable Anomaly:(The great skill can save your life) When reduced below 20% Life, release a shockwave that knocks all enemies back.

*Blur:Decreases melee damage taken by 20%.To reduce the damage in Melee Attacks.

*Illusionist:(Special for escape)
Whenever you suffer more than 15% of your Life in a single hit, the cooldowns on Teleport are automatically reset.


3.The real battle

Take it easy in the actual combat.Relaxing and begin!

First Stage:
It is no so hard if you were farmiliar with the Diablo in the before.Don't worry about it,just use the Hydra in the long distance.Pay more attention on the map that will tell you the location of the boss.Through the Hydra to use up the blood of Diablo.With the 4w blood ball and 600 resistence you can withstand two times attack.At this time,to use the teleport close to the Blood pool.

Tips:As far as possible with Diablo to run circle with fighting, in each time big BOSS assault, your side would have a pool of blood.

Second Stage:
Entered the second stage after three seconds, as far as you can see the shadow of red to use Slow Time,then release the Hydra.You couldn't see anything in the dark map.Try your best to release the Slow Time and Hydra with two times Storm.Be careful,when the ground arise the Imprison skills you can use the Damond Skin.According to this circle,just 2-3 life that you can pass this stage successful.

Third Stage

In this stage,first,don't close to the BOSS because of the BOSS will open a 360-degree big recruit skills.In the close battle,there is no doubt you should be killed.To release the Hydar start to run a safe plot.In the situation which Arcane allows, with blizzard to ensure your safety.When the BOSS close to you, release Slow Time immediately, the Crystal Skin, and Teleport.Released some Hydra in the safe plot.In accordance with the way of first stage, only to reduce some fault-tolerant rate is ok.Don't be nervous, slowly grind die big Diablo!