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Funny Tips for Player in the Diablo 3 Multiplayer Mode

7/9/2013 4:30:52 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]Since the adjustments of Patch 1.0.8, more and more players choose to join the Multiplayer Mode. Not only we can upgrade fast but also we can farm more legendary items. Meanwhile, we shouldn’t be a lonely survival anymore. To fight with friends make us feel exciting and joyful. As the saying goes, cheerful company shortens the miles. Before the new patch released, to farm items in the multiplayer mode would be a wonderful choice. Now, we would share some tips with you so that you can enjoy the journey more.


1. Listen to music: The beautiful music would make you forget everything you are suffering. You would follow the rhythm to click the keyboard, at that moment you would forget the steps of releasing skills and enjoy the pleasure of striking. I always play as Barbarian in Multiplayer mode which is the most vulnerable one among my five characters and I set Hammer of Ancient as the main output skill. As you can imagine that is joyful when I listen to the rock music and click the keyboard just like playing the piano. Interesting? You may have a try!


2. ACT 3 would be great choice: I always choose ACT3 as my battlefield. Different from the ACT1, the map of A3 is easy for us to clear all monsters. Actually, I always miss in the misery field in ACT1. But in the Arreat Heart just along with the road that we can find the checkCoin and wouldn’t waste lots of time.


3. To invite the Wizard to be your companion: In the group, Wizard is the most important character which would control the combat and reduce the damage from monster and slow the movement speed for us in the long distance. In addition, the gorgeous skills make the battle becomes fantastic and exciting. For my personal view, Wizard is the vanguard in campaign.


4. Try the new skill build: Before the new patch coming, we should experience some different things and gain more fun. In the multiply mode, you can try the new skill build and familiar with operation. For me, I always use the new skill build and enjoy the different the gaming experience. In public game, you could notice most of barbarian would choose the unpopular skill such as Call of the Ancients, Cleave and Ground Stomp.