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What attract you play Diablo III PlayStation?

7/7/2013 3:22:58 PM

[Diablo 3 Poll]Recently, the most popular news of Diablo 3 should be the PlayStation 3. Many players have tried to experience the game with controller. Of course, it may be a little strange to play a PC game using controller. It’s fresh and exciting too. How should the operation be? What kind of experience will the console version bring to us? There are few players share the experience with us, which factor impressed you?


1. Amazing Controlling. According to the players who had experienced PlayStation 3 version of Diablo 3, the controller may work better than you expected. Every skill has been adjusted to suit the version perfectly, like the change of evade. Each detail is designed to the best so that players could catch the feeling soon as they play on PC. It may be hard to get adapted to the fact that teammates are playing at the same screen, once tried, you’ll find it simple to master and works very well.


2. Equipment Acquiring. No matter skills or items, they are different from the PC version in the console Diablo III. Common and magic item drop rate get lower, meanwhile, the stats will be more suitable to the class you are playing, and it's easier for you to identification or drop equipment to someone else when in multiplayer. The quality of the drop may give you a big surprise.


3. Crafting and Vendor. The added of JUNK option helps players to deal with useless items automatically in the console version. The next time you visit vendor, there is no need to worry about that. Not like on the PC, primary stat of the class would be considered first when crafting. These changes ensure players of PlayStation 3 enjoy the game without auction house. More Diablo 3 Gold would be saved under this condition.


4. Socialize. The most attractive factor of console diablo3 may be the social experience. Many people share the same machine to play Diablo 3, share their lives in the game and help each other to enjoy more fun. It’s absolutely a version for friends get together and have fun. Couch Rules decide who would be the leader and get the most equipment. If one of the teammates transports back, the other would become the same with him. That’s more interesting than PC game.


Which is the reason that attracts you to play PlayStation 3 Diablo3? Leave your idea and share the opinion with others. If there are any questions, go to our online support for help, please.