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Tips for Hardcore player purchasing Items on Auction House

7/4/2013 6:07:30 PM

As for now, there are still lots of players didn’t experience the Hardcore Mode. Meanwhile, the guide for Diablo 3 Hardcore players buy cost-effective items in Auction House is less. Patch 1.0.8 has released almost 2 months, and the new patch is unreachable now. If you are bored about farming and upgrading everyday, you may have a try on Hardcore. Now, we would share some tips you should pay attention when you buy items on AH.

1. Hardcore is different from Normal Mode.

We all know the Hardcore AH is shortage of supplier and the price is expensive than Normal Mode. Different form normal mode, the players in HC is less and as long as hero died all the items would disappear. So, no matter what kind’s of items the requirement is existence. Meanwhile, there is no need to prepare lots of gold to buy items. Even you are a millionaire that you still can’t buy an ideal item from here. So, you should spend lots of time on farming items by yourself in AH.


2. Price isn't equal to the value

The price in the HC would expensive than STD. Everybody want to get an amazing legendary item to increase the high DPS, but the limited supplier raised the price. Actually, the item with high price doesn’t mean that you should own it. For example, the price of Inna's Temperance which has 200 dexterity is higher than the one who has 180 dexterity. Actually, there is no need to cost lots of money to buy an item just for the 20 Coins. We can spend time on researching how we can gain bonus from other items. 


3. Right Attitude

For my personal experience, to develop right attitude in Hardcore is important. Some players are hurry to sell the items with lowest price. In fact, we should sell items according to the market demand. Of course, we can’t pricing high level waiting for the player who eager to cost numerous gold to buy items. With peaceful attitude to face the price fluctuate.


Would you want to experience the Hardcore now? To enjoy the different game mode is interesting. By the way, you should own a strong heart to counter you will lose everything in game.