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Diablo 3 Monk to Enhance Power through Unpopular Property

7/3/2013 6:28:29 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]Patch 1.0.8 has released almost 2 months, and the new patch at a far distant date. According to the latest news that Diablo III wouldn’t launch the new patch before the BlizzCon 2013 held in. In other words, if you are unsatisfied and bored about the present patch, the only way is distracting attention. So, how can we entertain by ourselves is most important. Recently, one of our clients proposed the new method of equipping Diablo 3 Monk at present patch.


The economy of Auction House is terrible now. Due to the gold bug and, numerous gold farmer and most players want to get profit through resell the items so that the market price lose the balance. High prices of legendary resulted players have to explore new way to buy cost-effective items. While, the effect is incredible!


To equip my Monk, I bought 5 billion Diablo 3 gold form! After finished the payment, I got my gold within 5 minutes. Now, share my experience to select items in Auction House.


Usually, we pay more attention on the attribute of dexterity, critical hit damage, critical hit chance, attack speed and weapon damage to increase the DPS. While, we all know the items have these attributes are expensive. Why not have another try? The attribute of Damage to Demon, damage against elites, and the especially skill bonus are would enhance your power.




As long as you search the SEVER that you would notice the price is cheap. Just select the "Has Socket"you would get lots of weapons all have damage to demon. Choosing the SEVER which has high DPS is wonderful. In addition, you should equip with a fist weapon to provide the attribute of life steal. To deal with the reflect damage foe that is necessary to prepare a 1- hand weapon which has life steal. And the price about the SEVER and Rare Fist Weapon equals to the Echoing fury.


Of course, the choice of WON KHIM LAU is great either. Due to the SERVER only has critical hit chance so we should ensure the other weapon has life steal. Beyond that, the lighting skills deal 21% more damage would improve your DPS if you mainly depend on the lightning cyclone and Bounding Light to create damage.

The key attribute of SKULL GRASP is critical hit chance and fist of thunder bonus. You would better to choose the attribute of increasing Fists of Thunder Damage, because of the lighting bonuses can 100% works on Fists of Thunder.

To choose TYRAEL’S MIGHT because the increased damage to demons and elites. Besides that you need the high dexterity and sockets to increase new property. And the price between 2 sockets and 3 sockets are different.


Through the Auction House you can notice that items have appropriate price. If you are a newbie in Diablo III, to choose items according to your personal skill build rather than following the popular would save more money for you. At present, the price of Diablo 3 gold is the cheapest. If you need to enhance your hero advance, it is the highly time to buy gold form here. Good luck!