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The analysis of different fists in Diablo 3 Monk Build

7/1/2013 5:03:29 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]After several adjustments, Blizzard dedicate to balancing the powerful of five professions. Since 1.0.4 patch, Barbarian finally released from the dark world and grown up to be the king in PVE. Due to the skill of whirlwind and sprint, Barbarian can farm and upgrade with fast efficient. While, the Monk also has the excellent skills which would provide movement speed increased and high damage. Now, we would share the most popular Diablo 3 Monk Skill Build with you.

This is the traditional Sweeping Wind and Whirl Monk build. Since 1.0.7 patch release, the enhanced Wave of light make Monk team expansion than before. This build depends on the weapon attribute of spirit regeneration to match with Mantra of Healing and serenity as well as other passive skill to ensure enough spirit in the battle. The Tempest Rush is the primary method to improve movement speed and the Wave of Light is absolutely the main output skill.

In addition, the fist is the important source of regenerating spirit which is the useful complement to Wave of Light. So, we decide to help you analyse the different fist function in this build.


Fist of Thunder + Thunderclap:
As we all know, all fist for Monk would generate spirit per attack and the Fist of Thunder is the faster fist to generate spirit compare to others because of the high attack speed. Meanwhile, the high trigger can well cooperate with Cyclone to deal with the small monsters. The Runes of Thunderclap would help you teleport to the enemy that reducing the spare time to release Wave of light.


Deadly Reach + Strike from Beyond:
This is an AOE skill which extending the damage range to 25 yards. If you are farming in the ACT1 you would better choose this skill to help you regenerate spirit due to the intensive monsters in ACT1. Of course, the critical hits chance you should arrive at standard.

Crippling Wave + Rising Tide:
To deal with numerous monsters, it not as good as Deadly Reach, as well as to face the single elites it is not a quarter as good as Fist of Thunder. Of course, in the team battle this skill is an excellent controlling skill which would reduce the enemy movement speed and attack speed.

Way of the Hundred Fists + Fists of Fury:
15% chance to generate 15 additional spirits there is no much sense. For my personal view, this is a failed design.


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