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Three Types of Diablo 3 Meteor Wizard Skill Build Analysis

6/30/2013 7:35:20 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]As a Wizard in Diablo 3, to create more useful and efficiency skill build for most of newbie of Wizard lovers is an important duty. This article aims to introduce three different types of Meteor Wizard skill build to the green hand. Meteor as the gorgeous skill which has strong powerful, a great Wizard needs to know how to control it and use it in the combat! After more than 1000 hours practical experience, I'm glad to introduce these skill builds with you.



There is no doubt this build is the variety of Ice Wizard. This Skill Build has strong output damage, which is the most popular skill build for Wizard. The key idea of this build depends on the Wicked Wind to provide the arcane for Liquefy. When there are four fixed wind, the Meteor would output damage in a long time. Same to the Ice Wizard, this build has strong control capacity. While, the disadvantage of this build is shortage of escaping skill. Due to the Meteor play the role of assistance, the requirement of critical hit chance not so high.


As for this skill build, we need the attack speed up to 1.8 and the arcane regeneration up to 30. To use this build you should enhance your personal equipment and to maximize the reinforcement of each attack. As you can see, the primary output skill is the Meteor and Explosive Blast in this build as well as Meteor provides powerful ability of trigger and CD. Of course, the requirement of Critical hit is high.

This is the classic Meteor Skill build, which abandon the Explosive Blast. Just click right mouse that you can output the Meteor always. When the Arcane almost run out that you can use the Spectral Blade and Shocking Aspect to recovery Arcane. Different from others, this build needs high critical hit and attack speed to support the output of Meteor. You would better arm with the weapon which has above 60% critical hit chance and 2.2 attack speed. 20 Arcane recovery is great!