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Two Power Leveling Service Added: Diablo 3 Hardcore Mode Power Leveling & Inferno Mode Clear

7/20/2012 2:48:28 PM

When you enter Diablo 3 Inferno Mode, you will find that Act 1 is appropriate for you to solo in all the Acts. The monsters in Act 1 are not so tricky as the combination of wallers and plague. The drop from Act 1, however, is not so satisfactory. But in Act 2, you will find that you can not even move forward with overwhelming monsters. You can not even imagine how to clear all the monsters in Act 3 and Act 4.


Here we would like to suggest two normal ways for you to join a powerful guild to clear the Inferno quickly and easily. On the one hand, you can invite your Diablo 3 friends to join you to clear the Act III on the basis that their equipments are the same as you or better than you. On the other hand, you can join the public games in the public games list where you could find the players with same motives.


Now we offer you the third choice to join a guild- Inferno Mode Clear Service(where we would assign professional players to assist you clear the Inferno Mode). For more information, please click here. There are three advantages over the normal guild as follows:




1 The Magic Find for you is enhanced dramatically. There I would like to explain the MF items receive for a guild. If you are in a guild consisting of two players, you MF value is 30% and the other player is 50% value. Now your total MF value is 80% and then you two should share the MF even as 40%. So it is crucial for you to know that how fortunate and essential to have a teammates with full legendary items. The drop rate at Inferno of iLvl 63 in Act I is 4.8%, Act II 9.3%, Act III and Act IV 16.3%. You can choose Act as you like.


2 The speed is faster. With a powerful teammate, you do not have to pay a large fee to repair your equipment in the Town and come back to game again and again.


3 We would reward you rare items randomly. You not only can get the rare items in your sphere. But also can you win the allotment of our professional players. This kind of bless you can find nowhere.


Inferno Mode Act Clear can help you enjoy the Inferno. The MF value can be as high as 300% for our professional players. So you could get unexpected legendary items a large amount. 1400 DPS equipment players are at your disposal, what are you waiting for. Join us now.


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