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The Veteran Demon Hunter Player Return to Diablo III

6/28/2013 6:12:19 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]After the patch 1.0.8, Demon Hunter has enhanced the skill of Rapid Fire rapidly. So, most of old DH fans come back to the game again. While, outdated equipment has significant limitations for the players upgrading in high MP at present. Since 1.0.4 released, I away from Diablo III till 1.0.8 patch update. Today, I would share my personal experience of primary Demon Hunter in 3 MP.

As you can see, my skill build is simply, the rapid fire is the primary output skill.

Rapid Fire + Withering Fire: Considering the hatred recovery, i didn’t choose Fire Support but choose the Withering Fire. There is no doubt that Rapid Fire has closely relationship with attack speed and hatred. Only 10 hatred consumption, that you can output 438% weapon damage. Just target the elites and big boss, incredible damage would smash monster so cool! That is the necessary skill you deserve own it!


Spike Trap + Echoing Blast: The Spike is the traditional Demon Hunter skill. At the early stage, we all enjoy release trap and create high DPS to the monster who follow you. From my personal view, the most important factor for DH we should take consider is the attack speed and movement speed in this skill build. Fast movement speed means you would have great mobility to avoid the damage. This skill would bring high critical damage which increases your DPS easily.

For the Demon Hunter, Vault is the essential skill to help you improve the efficiency of farming map. Meanwhile, it is the key Coin to save your life in the emergency. As long as you encounter the elites you would release Shadow Power to help you reduce damage. To click “SHIFT” that ou can hold the post to continue release Rapid Fire. When the hatred almost at the bottom, the Preparation would help you recover the Hatred. Please pay attention that you should release Preparation before hatred finish so that we can keep the life steal wouldn’t break up.


After the long time back to Diablo III, the feeling is complicated and exciting. I have to say, the monster density in ACT1 make me feared. It is not a suitable place for DH farming or it is not good for my skill build. Facing the numerous monsters, the limited AOE skill can’t play full of advantage. In the end, I totally understand that practice makes perfect! The skilled operation is very important for Demon Hunter players!