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Several Ways to distract attention if you tired of playing in Diablo III

6/26/2013 4:05:32 PM

[Diablo III]Since Patch 1.0.8 has released for almost 1 month, there is no news of the new patch on the official site. Although there are some meaningful adjustments at present patch, we still can’t ignore the boring farming routes and terrible story plot. That’s the truth that Diablo III haven’t new hotspot to attract us spend more time on upgrading and farming. While, facing the complaint from most players the community manager suggests players away from D3 for a while. Isn’t this a great idea? What can we do if we away from Diablo III? makes several suggestions:

1. Guild Wars 2 would relax your tension.
Different Diablo 3, it is the true MMORPG which developed by the ArentNet last year. The most attractive factor is the dynamic event makes you never know what would happen in the next second. Meanwhile, the PVP and PVE mode are full of big challenge. Of course, you’d make friends with the professional players so that you wouldn’t miss in the huge maps.

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2.  Just experience the interesting Path of Exile
No matter the design style or the interface menu, Path of Exile looks more like Diablo 2 series. This game inherits the traditional Diablo series, while the skill system and auction house have big different from Diablo. As for now, this the game in the OBT has high reputation because of the skill tree.

We recommend you experience this game. You can sign up a free account and experience the difference between Diablo 3. We welcome you to share your experience with us when you have a try on this game. Of course, according to the customer requirements we would release the service of Path of Exile Items currency as soon as possible.


3.Back to the classical World of Warcraft again
As for now, World of Warcraft has accompanied with us 8 years. During the past years, WOW brings us an extraordinary MMORPG and unforgettable splendid moment. At the 8 age birthday anniversary, why not invite the old friends back to the Mists of Pandaria? Lots of interesting activities held now!
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