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The Popular Diablo 3 Armors and Property for Barbarian

6/25/2013 5:32:05 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]Since 1.0.4 patch release, Barbarian is the most popular character choice for most players. I believed that everybody would have a barbarian hero, but how to equip Barbarian more efficiency with low cost-effective? We have summarized some popular armors and necessary properties for Barbarian green hand.

First, we would like to introduce the TYRAEL'S MIGHT. The essential attribute of Damage to Demons is the most important! Then, strength and increase damage against elites is the second you should pay attention. How to choose excellent items with less money? You should in accord with the attribute ranking to choose the ideal item. As players always saying goes, the high-end players can arm with top TYRAEL. When the vitality and armor lost, the attribute of damage to demon becomes very important. In addition, the 12% movement speed increased would make up the boots which without movement speed increased. And the damage against elites increases is attractive.


In the Diablo 3 Auction House, the Rare Pants which has high vitality and empty sockets would have high price. As for the rare pants, it is relatively cost-effective than the legendary pants. Of course, the rare pants which have considerable attributes just like the 100-200 strength or 200-300 vitality would bid high price. If this rare pant has the Pickup radius would be more exicited! Usually, we choose LACUNI PROWLERS to match with rare pants. Most of the cases, we wouldn’t choose the Vitality + Intelligence or Dexterity, although this combination would gain beneficial than singe vitality, the strength would be limited. There is no need to give the primary attribute for the dexterity.

The strongest DPS Belt is the WITCHING HOUR. As for my personal viewed, that Immortal King's Tribal Binding can’t compare with WITCHING HOUR alone. If you arm with Skorn that should better choose WITCHING HOUR. While, if you arm with 2-hand weapon and Echoing Fury you’d better equip Immortal waist. Some player always wonder about 10% critical hit damage would increase how much damage? 1% decrease damage from elites equals to how much all resistance? While, different players have different attribute, we should make more practice!