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What's your opinion to handle the White Items in Diablo III?

6/24/2013 7:32:20 PM

[Diablo 3 Poll]Since Diablo III has released more than one year, there are lots of players have experienced different professions from beginnings. We still remembered the first time I got the items when I killed the monster. As for now, the white items play a decreasing role in the game. There is no body would pick it up and the numerous white items bother us to pick up other ones. Unfortunately, white items are junks in Diablo III now. Meanwhile, the destiny of blue items is same to the while items which are junks either.


To decrease the White Item drops and increase the Rare Items. In Diablo III, to balance the items is the permanent topic. As for most high level players, the function of most rare items is disintegrated by Black Smith. To craft the new shoulders, rings and gloves need numerous decomposers. So, why not decrease the useless White items and increase the rare items drop? As you know, the huge white items clutter the screen is boring.



To make White Items useful. Since Blizzard sets the White Items in the game, why not make it play role in the system? If we can't use whites and blues for anything, then why can't we get a setting to disable them? We hope to see the developer would make the system more reasonable and interesting.



To add the unique properties. If Blizzard would be add the new unique properties would better to incentive players pick up white items. We can image that a white items have six attributes is wonderful. In addition, to make the Normal Items is the essential factor in crafted system would make players pay more attention. Meanwhile, this would easily create a new dynamic for items hunting and add more to crafting.



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