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How do you think of Diabloiiigold Auction House Assistance Service?

6/23/2013 4:21:06 PM

[Diablo 3 Poll]Happy weekend, thanks for your visiting regularly. Hope you guys could enjoy the game and get big funs. Meanwhile, our store would stand here for you at 24 hours. To meet your requirement with instant delivery is our eternal goal, to leave your message through Email, FACEBBOK or the feedback service. We would give away the free gold as reward to the player who provides the constructive suggestion.

Since we released the service of Auction House Assistance almost one year, we have gained most of player's trust. We dedicate to satisfying each order fast at lowest price. Our expert players stare at AH 24 hours to help you bid the ideal items, so that we can get it with 100% chance. As you know, we are the one and only who provide the service of biding items for clients in this field. Due to our professional and specialized service quality, we achieved highly reputation form the widely players. Now, to improve our service more convenient we need to make the survey that how do you think of Diabloiiigold Auction House Assistance Service?


1. Interesting and Convenient! That is attractive service for me. To handle this issue to the professional organization would save time and money. Also, I wouldn't lose anything if they didn't bid the ideal items successful. If you guys would provide the discount code for me in the service would better!

2. Don't care, never have a try. As you regular clients, I'm not interested in this auction house assistance service any more. To search items and buy it by myself is the big interesting thing in Diablo 3. I really enjoy the process of shopping great items, how about you?

3. Requires improved. You guys are great and i experienced this service before. Well, it is still need to be improved. The 24 hours live chat always can't reply my question in time, and the coupon code can not be used at here.


Welcome to vote it and leave your message about our service. Enjoy your life!