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Double Free Diablo 3 Gold to Reward Registered Members for Three Day

7/19/2012 11:01:15 AM

To celebrate the big event that the daily new customers exceed 100, we would like to give our registered members practical and demanding Free Diablo 3 Gold in US, EU and Asia servers from July 20 to July 22 100 member Coins= 200K D3 Gold. You still can exchange your member Coins in the other day, but the rate is 100 member Coins= 100K D3 Gold.


If you are a registered member for our store, you can now exchange your member Coins for free Diablo III Gold. The system work as 100 member Coins= 200K D3 Gold.


1st, you should log in our site at the middle of our top. Enter your Email and password and choose log in.


2nd, click the Member Centre. There you would see three parts as Edit Password, Information, Coin for Gold.


3rd, select Coin for Gold. Then you will be directed to the next part as follows. Choose the game, server and Coin. Remember to check your battle-tag is correct.


If you still not sign up our store yet, hurry now. We will launch the same activity in the near future. Sign in first before every order and you will receive 1 member Coin when you spend 1 dollar in our store. You can exchange your member Coins for free D3 Gold once your Coins are the several times of 100 like 100, 200 and so on. You are always welcome to contact our "Live Chat" in case you still have some doubts in mind.