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The Popular Diablo 3 Legendary Weapon for Five Professions

6/19/2013 5:11:55 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]What is our ultimate goal in Diablo III? Besides the 100 Paragon level, that top legendary items would be the strongest attraction for us! There are five professions in there, each character has different weapon. Today, we have summarized the top five weapons for different professions.

Barbarian – Skorn.

Since Patch 1.0.4 releases, the Skorn becomes popular and attract most attention due to the extremely cool style, excellent attributes and high DPS. In addition that, the wonderful critical hit damage increase support this weapon would be the best choice for Barbarian. While, there are lots of players complaint that Skron isn’t awesome than imaginary. Actually, you should focus on your skill build to match with this legendary weapon.

Demon Hunter – Manticore

As for Demon Hunter, this legendary crossbow would be the most popular choice! The two empty sockets can provide extra attributes additional. If you can socket two top green gems to increase 200% critical hit damage that would be the biggest attractive! Of course, if you should pay attention on the attack speed that would effect your DPS.

Wizard - Chantodo's Will

To choose weapon for Wizard you should meet these essential factors: 1, critical hits grant 10 Arcane Power. 2, above 30% critical hit chance. The Chantodo’s will would be your ideal choice, because you wouldn’t lose the Arcane power. In addition, DPS will always the most important. But in some cases, it isn’t the key Coin and the critical hit damage as well as sockets would be the necessary factor you should take consideration. If there is empty socket that means you will increase 100% critical hit damage.

Witch Doctor – Manajuma's carving knife

As you can see, this knife would increase your attack speed. Attack speed can increase the efficiency of releasing skill. No matter what kinds of operation and skill build, to reduce the rigidity releasing and Increase the operation flexibility is the most important way to avoid the damage. Therefore, we recommend you increase your attack speed to ensure the frequency of releasing skills. What’s more, the intelligence is another way to increase damage!

Echoing Fury – Monk

Attack speed is the second important attribute for Monk. Because the spirit of Monk generate depends on releasing skill. Why did Fists of Thunder can increase spirit fast than other skills?