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Tank Monk Choice: Sword and Shield Vs dual wield

6/16/2013 5:11:24 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]The Monk who arm with Sword and Shield has high defensive. We recommend the Stormshield and Azurewrath for you! The Stormshield has high armor and reduces damage from attacks that ensure your life blood steady and the emergency can easy to handle. As for the Azurewrath, besides the attack speed increased and the cold damage would freeze your enemies for a long time. If you encounter the huge amounts of monster in the public mode that freeze effect would play important role in controlling the battlefield.

How about the Monk arm with dual wield has high life on hits, attack speed so that can help allies control the battlefield. While, the disadvantage of life blood is unstable make the skill of Pacifism. We all know, as the Tank Monk to save life in the combat is the most important so that we can continuous to provide the heal buff to our allies. In addition, the dual wield has high attack speed would bring the high life on hits.


This Skill Build is better for the Tank Monk who arm with Shield and Sword. Except the Crippling Wave, most of skills are beneficial for the group to reduce damage and heal life. Why should we choose Mantra of Healing rather than Breath of Heaven? Obviously, the allies within 40 yards can gain life regeneration is better for the allies within 12 yards can recovery life. Of course, the spirit consumption of Mantra of Healing is higher than Breath of Heaven. But the widely benefits area is most important! In addition, as a Tank Monk the necessary skill of Guiding Light would match with the healing skill.

Although the Monk has wonderful skill for the teammate to increase the buff, we still depend on the physical truth to choose the skill. There is no need to according with the DPS panel to limit the build and equipment. As long as you can make contribute to your group that is wonderful!