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Arcane Torrent Wizard Skill Build in Patch 1.0.8

6/13/2013 11:32:59 AM

[Diablo 3 Guide]As so far, the most efficient Build for Wizard is the Ice Wizard. In addition, the Archon Wizard and Meteor Wizard are the choice for widely players. While, what is the most interesting thing in Diablo III? Absolutely, there are various Diablo 3 Skill Builds you can experience! To explore the new skill build so that we can play on our personality. Then, the adventure of playing Diablo 3 would be more fun! Today, we are glad to introduce a new Wizard Skill Build to most explorers.

Arcane Torrent + Arcane Mines: It is the mainly output skill in this build. The 285% weapon damage as the primary DPS, and the Arcane Mines would reduce the monster's movement and attack y 30% for 3 seconds. As you know, this Skill Build aims to take full use of the less popular skill like Arcane Torrent.

Frost Nova + Cold Snap: There is no doubt this skill would save the life in emergency. You shouldn't use it always as long as you can not resist the attack from numerous monsters. To freeze the nearby enemies and take use of the time to recover life and arcane is very important.

Teleport + Safe Passage: This skill would save more time for us to farming Diablo 3 Gold and upgrading fast. Of course, it is another skill for Wizard to escape. If you haven't high DPS, the skill to increase the viability is the necessary.

Magic Weapon + Blood Magic, Energy Armor + Force Armor: As we all know, these two skills must the essential for Wizard to increase the Armor and DPS. The Blood Magic would convert 1.5% damage to life, and the Force Armor would decrease your damage to the 35% maximum life.


The choice about Passive Skill you can notice that all pay attention on saving life. The Unstable Anomaly that would heal your 45% maximum life when there are fatal damage. Meanwhile, Illusionist would reset the cooldowns on Teleport which provide the new chance for you to escape.

As for my weapon choice, this legendary source wouldn't take me much Diablo 3 Gold. As well as the critical hit grant 10 arcane power and reduce cooldown of Teleport by 4 seconds that would play important role in this build. Of course, the attributes of reducing damage against elites are attractive! More useful Diablo 3 Wizard Skill Build you can share with us on our FACEBOOK Page, we will glad to present a big prizes to you!