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Four Piece of Advice in Diablo 3 Public Game

6/10/2013 1:39:41 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]There is an increasing number of players who are playing in public game. But there are a few annoying behavior you should bear in heart. Or you would be kicked out of game without knowing the reason. It is pathetic.


Enter the game and leave after one Second: You may suffer great latency when someone enter your public team. If you are fighting a molten Elites, someone break into your game. You died because you stuck because of the latency. And then, the player leave the game instantly. Then another player enter your game. Sometimes, I would rather solo with my Enchantress because I can not tolerate the changing teammates always.


Keeping dying in the game: If you can only solo at the difficulty of Monster Power 3, then join the MP3 public game, not the MP6. Although you would get more XP bonus, but you keep dying would make your teammates feel that you are a burden rather than a help. They have the rights to vote to kick your out of the game. When you die, it would be better that you come to life yourself than waiting for your teammates to revive you.


Away from Keyboard: If you would leave the game for a while, it is better for you to leave the game rather then staying in the public game. When we are in a bitter fight, we would like to have someone who can help us. If you leave the room, one more player can join the game and fight together.


Wave of Light build: The freezing Wizard would like to keep the monsters together so they can control the battle, and the cyclone strike build monk would like to draw the monsters as well. Your Wave of Light may strike the monsters back and make their game experiencer upset.


If you do not want to get complaint from other players, you would better to have the four tips in mind. Hope you have a pleasant journey in the Diablo 3.