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The analysis of PVP in Diablo III -- Who will be the king in the PVP?

7/16/2012 5:45:23 PM

Hello,everyone!Still beating the elites monsters to collect excellent Items and Diablo 3 Gold everday?Don’t you feel boring and frustrated to farming D3 Gold all day and nights? If you quite agree with us, now, let’s conceive of the future of PVP in Diablo III .Maybe our imagination will be accepted by Blizzard.
First, let’s analyse which characters has the biggest advantage in Diablo III PVP.

*Skills Analysis
Demon Hunters:  Smoke Screen,Vault ,Evasive Fire
Barbarian:        Leap
Monk:             Serenity,Dashing Strike
Witch Doctor: Spirit Walk
Wizard:           Teleport

The DH has the strongest dodge ability in all characters. The Smoke Screen is the most effective way to get rid of all the restriction. The rest of the two active skills can save your life in the emergency.


2. Viability
If the items you armed with at the same level and the highest blood ball, you will has the different defense. As follow,
Barbarian>Monk>Wizard>Witch Doctor>Demon Hunter

In the inferno, for my personal experience that the Barbarian and Monk has the greatest resistance and the Wizard is not so bad Basically, Witch Doctor and DH are always be killed in one second! Of course, if you armed with spectacular items that is another matter.However, it’s hard to say the viability about PVP in Diablo III. If you are the expert Diablo Players and good at manipulating every characters’skills that you will be the strongest survivor in the game! For most general players,with sufficient ability like defense, escape and attack that will embody the viability in the cruel PVP.


Demon Hunter:Caltrops
Wizard:      Frost Nova
Barbarian: Ground Stomp
Monk:       Blinding Flash
Witch Doctor:Horrify

Above all these are the restricting skills for each career frequently-used. From my personally period,the restricting ability for DH is the strongest!The Caltrops with full screen is spectacularity!While,the restricting skills belong with other career need cooldown.


4 Attack
According to the Blizzard’s usual practice, to balance the system that the characters which easy to be beaten usually with the strongest attack! There is no exception in Diablo III. The DH’s powerful explosive also cannot be replaced by other career. The high attack Cluster Arrow and high critical hits rate of Sharpshooter can create a crazy bomber !

During the PVP,when a party with one or two DH,you can use the Entangling Shot + Bounty Hunter.If the rival is Monk or Barbarian,i suppose you can hit them can not close to you anymore.Just use the Entangling Shot to tie up the opponents and attrck them with high damage,you will be enjoy the cool tactics!At the beginning,the DH should care about the movement and set up the trap.To release the Smoke Screen to eacape the attacks that you will welcome the good opening!You have need to worry about the Wizard in other party.The Wizard wouldn't colse to you to release skills.Facing them restricting skills you can  relieve through the Smoke Screen.The shortest CD and Vault can help you keep far away from the opponents!


In the end we want to summarize that Demon Hunters will be the most popular character in PVP.But,I believe that Blizzard will adjust the skills, equipment, life blood. Otherwise, just release one skills can kill the rival will lost much funs!By the way,the Witch Doctor should be increased in the game!Most of WD can not survival in the game any more.As the DH,I have the limited information for other characters! Please forgive me the different oppion.Welcome to visit the professional Diablo 3 Gold store!