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To build powerful 2-hand Diablo 3 Barbarians

6/9/2013 11:53:40 AM

[Diablo 3 Guide]At present, more and more players start to arm with 2-hand weapon due to the expensive price of items in Auction House. As for the Barbarian, to equip with 2-hand weapon means you can save more money to improve other sites. If your defense arrive at standard, to ensure your panel DPS up to 20W that who arm with 2-dual wield would take muck more money than 2-hand barbarian.


How about the advantage of 2-hand weapon Barbarian?

1.Low Attack Speed: As we know the low attack would affect the DPS. In the meantime you should take the fury at first consideration. The low attack speed would decrease the consumption of fury and the dependence on Stone of Jordon is low. If your skill build has the Hammer of Ancients, the fast attack speed would increase your DPS. While, attack speed can reduce the release time of Rend.

2.High DPH: which would bring high damage of each hit, high life steal per hit as well as the Rend damage for groups is high! As long as your weapon has the attribute of life steal that you can absolutely ensure your life blood.


3.low Cost: There is no doubt that cost of 2-hand weapon would lower than 2-dual wield. With the requirements of Jordon Stone is low and 2-hand weapon price is cost-effective.

Choice of Skills:

Rend + Blood Lust: Gain 9% of the damage as life is excellent! Not only it effective in reducing the requirements of EHP, but also it increases the faming efficient. As for the limited equipment money, there is no need to pay attention on life steal. Just try the best to increase DPS.


Ancient of Hammer + Smash: As the most important skill for Barbarian. Most of barbarians would choose this skill as the primary output skill. While, you should focus on controlling the fury to ensure the release of Smash. If you over-dependence Rend to save life that would decrease the Ancient of Hammer released.

All in all, depends on your preference and financial position that you can choose your barbarian style. As for my personal view, to experience the different gaming experience would bring the huge sense of accomplishment. Good luck!