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What do you think of the Diablo III Self found?

6/8/2013 4:59:31 PM

[Poll]At present, more and more players choose to farm items by themselves instead of purchasing from Auction House. We all know, the price of item in AH is crazy and Blizzard can't control the currency inflation. Facing the expensive weapon, parts of player choose to give up Auction and decide by the self found to create the excellent D3 adventure. Before that, the Wyatt announces the idea of Self Found is wonderful that would add the new element in the future.

Recently, one of players asked the question "what are the rules playing self found gear?" in forum. The manage list several rules, such as no auction house; self found party trades are OK; no vendor items; crafting is ok but only use self found materials. In addition that, parts of players brought some useful suggestions about the new Self Found. As for the Self Found, what is your opinion?

1.Interesting, I will have a try!

If Blizzard would add the Self Found I would have a try. As you know, to enhance powerful and improve the items by farming is so cool! There is no need to play game just for the Auction House. And there is no need to spend lots of time on AH. This new way would initiative most of players cost lots of time on the game again. While, the Blizzard should take consider of the drop quality. To balance the items system still is the important thing!


2.Insignificant adjustment

With all due respect, the Self Found is useless to make up the terrible Diablo III items system. If there is no trading in the game, how can Blizzard balance the weapon utilization? As you see, a Wizard gets an excellent axe which has high Barbarian attribute. So, the Wizard should stock the weapon and Barbarian can’t get the ideal weapon. Actually, the economic system in the virtual world is necessary. Blizzard should take time to control the economic rather than avoid the unreasonable question.


3.Full of challenge

There is no doubt that Self Found just like the Hardcore mode which full of challenge. Not a bad idea, only get items form monsters, artisans and vendors as well as no trading with other players is a big test for players. As you know, if we get a wonderful Diablo 3 items for the other profession, what can we do? Just stock it in the stash? I guess I will sell it out instead of holding on.


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