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Traditional Sword and Shield Monk Skill Build

6/7/2013 5:56:55 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]In the early stage that Monk arm with Sword and Shield is the most popular style in Diablo 3. Due to the passive skill of One with Everything which increases the all resistance and Seize the Initiative which increase the 50% armor as well as other wonderful skill. There is no doubt that Monk is the best choice to be the healer in the group no matter in the 1.04 patch or the 1.0.8 patch. Now, we would share another skill build for the Monk players.

Due to the Monk has excellent defense skill that can draw parts of damage from monsters in the group which create a comfortable environment for teammate to output damage. Then, there are several factors we should take consideration.

First is the attribute of Resistance:

Because of the existing of One with Everything, we should choose the items which have high single element resistance. For the Monk, no matter what style you are, to choose this skill is the necessary to increase the ability to resist the damage.

Second is the attribute of Armor:

This passive skill of Seize the Initiative would increase your armor 50% by the dexterity. But you should pay attention, we should balance the armor and resistance so that we can gain maximum benefits from this skill.

Thirdly is the attribute of dodge:

As for the Tank Monk, to protect the allies away form damage is important. This skill you can keep all the time, 3 minutes duration would ensure you and your friends reduce lots of damage. There is no doubt that absolutely is the strongest defensive skill for Monk!

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