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Which Passive Skill is the necessary for Demon Hunter?

6/6/2013 4:35:16 PM

[Diablo 3 Poll]With the release of patch 1.0.8, the adjustment of Demon Hunter becomes stronger than before. The skill of Rapid Fire becomes the most popular skill at present now. As for the passive skill for DH, which would be your necessary choice? Now, today we will analyse the popular passive skills of Demon Hunter. At the same time, you can come here take part in this discussion.

Steady Aim:
There is no doubt that you deserve own it! For the long distance player, Steady Aim can increase the high DPS easily and quickly. As you know the DPS means everything for DH. While, the 10 yards for the narrow battle field, and the snipping monsters have the limit.

Tactical Advantage:
The Tactical Advantage has the highest cost performance. The Vault, Smoke Screen and Evasive fire provide the excellent mobility and increase the survival chance. Obviously, after you choose the Tactical Advantage, the advantage of these three skills are apparently. Therefore, it is the critical skill to ensure Demon Hunter live and efficiency to upgrade.

Because of this skill, Demon Hunter can ensure the high DPS. Meanwhile, it is the essential choice for most of DH players. No matter what kinds of weapon you choose to equip, you can get the benefits form this skill. At the same time, this skill would make different weapon play play all positions on the field.

Night Stalker:
The discipline always the big problem for the Demon Hunter, even there is Quiver to add the Discipline. In the premise of releasing the Night Stalker, you should own reasonable critical hit damage. Otherwise you can’t embody the function of this skill.

More and more players choose Perfectionist because it is the only way to reduce the consumption of discipline. As for my view, Night Stalker is the way to increase discipline and Perfectionist is the way to reduce the discipline.

The Vengeance can provide the excellent ability to ensure the Hatred and Discipline which play the important role to ensure the skill releasing. But at some stage, this skill doesn’t work when you are soloing Boss.