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Tips for Diablo 3 Hardcore Player

6/5/2013 3:05:59 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]What is the characteristic for Diablo3 Hardcore? Absolutely is the permanent died! No matter what reason result you have died in the game, you can't revive any more and your deeds of valor will be remembered. In the HC, there are lot of problems would cause you died such as disconnection, servers error and the bug. In the meantime, the equipment you own would be gone with your hero fall down. Sounds merciless? In other words, it is the attractive factor for players experience the adventure. Due to the different gaming experience from normal mode, we should pay more attention to save life. Each time the life blood down to the bottom would make us feel crazy! Of course, the unique achievement would make us proud of ourselves. Now, we are glad to share several tips for Hardcore Player.

1.Keep your internet connection

As far as we know, most of players loose the life in Hardcore due to the disconnection in the critical time. Meanwhile, some players would choose to play HC through WIFI that be killed depends on time. To ensure your internet fluent is the essential!


2.Be careful the reflect damage from your companion.

Some players shared the experience of death in HC that is really unexpected. I guess less people are caught unaware of the spinning monster would reflect the party member damage to another one. Most of time, we will died no reason.

3.To make team with professional players

There are lots of players in HC would like to help newbie upgrade fast. You guys could make a team reduce the death rate. According to the data that death rate in group less far away from solo man in HC. In addition, to choose the Monk and Barbarians as the assistance would better!

4.To choose suitable Diablo 3 Items

The armor and pants is the important parts to offer the vitality. We should make promise these two parts have all resistance and high vitality. At the same time, the attribute of life steal is the necessary when your DPS is low. To buy items in Hardcore AH is expensive, crafting would help you save money.


That's all we summarize of how to avoid loosing life in Diablo III Hardcore online. Hope these tips would help you and bring you different gaming experience.