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The Meteor Archon Wizard Skill Build in Diablo III

6/3/2013 10:58:39 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]After the Patch 1.0.8, more and more players try to refresh the record of soloing the Ghom. How about you? As for the Wizard, I supposed that most players would choose Ice Wizard and ignore the Two-hand Wizard. Although the player who arm with Two-hand weapon has slow attack speed, it low consumption of Arcane and high DPS would create deadly strike. Now, let’s know more about the Meteor Archon Wizard Skill Build.

Spectral Blade + Healing Blades: If you have no arcane power this skill would ensure you cast the damage as well. Meanwhile, the Healing Blades would convert 5% damage to life blood. There is no doubt that is the save life skill in the emergency.

Energy Armor + PinCoin Barrier: The 5% critical hit chance increased would make up the there is no off-hand weapon to offer this attribute. In addition, 35% armor increased in 120 seconds is the essential factor to provide the safeguard.

Meteor + Molten Impact: The Meteor is the critical skill in this build, not only for the 390% weapon damage as fire but also for the 90% molten fire which would cause the devastating attack. This absolutely is the main output damage skill.

Magic Weapon + Force Weapon and Familiar + Sparkflint: To choose these skills aims to increase the DPS. So to arm with the two-hand weapon which has high DPS is the necessary! Meanwhile, the 5 minutes duration is wonderful!

Archon + Improved Archon: The Archon would be the required skill for all Wizards, which is the essential factor to save your life when you encounter the elites group. How can we refuse the 40% armor and resistance increased? In the meantime, increase 25% damage of all skills.

This skill build can create gorgeous DPS numerical value. As long as your weapon has life steal, and the Meteor has critical hit that can clear all monster easily and life blood recover fast. As you see, to socket the red gems aims to increase the basis damage. To match with the Magic Weapon and Familiar are excellent! Of course, this weapon and skill just for the player who enjoy soloing the map. If you enjoy the group team, we will recommend you another skill build in the next time!