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Several Suggestions for Diablo 3 Delay Order

6/2/2013 11:48:12 AM

[Diablo 3 Gold]Greeting everyone! Welcome to enjoy the professional D3 Gold service online. Since we build the safe and convenient platform for numerous Diablo III fans almost one year, we have achieved the praise by majority users. As for now, our register member has over 8 thousands. All this time, we put the demand of clients at the first consideration. Meanwhile, we welcome your feedback about our service in order to make our service better!


Recently, we notice that some delay order caused by several reasons. We summarize some common questions to remind the new customers how to get gold fast and easy.

Personal information incorrect

To make sure the personal information correct involves the battle-tag, e-mail, full name and contact information. If you are the first time purchase Diablo 3 gold form there, our service staff would call your mobile phone to confirm your personal information. Meanwhile, as long as you input the correct battle-tag that we can contact you fast in the game. Please be sure you input the correct information, so that we can delivery as soon as possible


IP Address change frequently

To make sure each transaction safety, our system would monitor the IP address of our regular clients. If there are unusual situation likes IP Address change frequently that we would delivery order after we confirm your personal information. We are so sorry to delay your time, but we should put the security at the first consideration. To prevent the cheat far away from our store is the bilateral interests for us.


Processing system change

If your Processing system change, our customer service should confirm your information to ensure your account is safety. We sincerely hope you can understand our service, which amis to promise you can enjoy 100% safety service.