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Which scene makes you most impressive in Diablo III?

6/1/2013 4:15:50 PM

[Diablo 3 Poll]Since the first time I met the Diablo 3 video, I have attracted by the gorgeous scene and interesting combat mode. After the Blizzard released this game officially, I started the excellent adventure in Sancutuary day and night. The continuous 10 hours gaming experience I never have before the Diablo III, as for now, the thousands gaming time make me unforgettable. When recall the past one year, which scene makes you most impressive? Come here and share your unique experience with us!


1.Lovely Whimsyshire

Whimsyshire is the Diablo III secret level, there are lots of lovely monsters and item drops. The first time I enter into this secret place feel so exciting. When I touch the cloud it would smile at me and there are lots of gold drops that make me crazy. While, we can’t look down upon these lovely flowers and cows, the high damage and life blood would make you lose life easily. The legendary item in Whimsyshire is Spectrum that full of Rainbow Light As you know, the lovely scene for girls is full of attractive. 

2.Fighting with Belial

As for now, I still remember the first time I’ m fighting with Belial at ACT2. At the beginning, it is easy to kill his men. When I suppose he almost have died that second part is coming, Belial becomes stronger and attack fast and it is hard to dodge he simply basic attack. Wow, that is so exciting! In the end, I died in the sweeping winds. But, at that moment I really relies that is the real Diablo III world.


3.First Time died in Hardcore Mode

The first time I enter into Diablo 3 Hardcore is fearful and exciting. I was careful to play as a Barbarian, when there are lots of monster I would run away. As you know, the first thing in Hardcore is save life. After few weeks hard working, I finally arrived at 60 levels. That excellent news makes me proud of myself and feels so happy. One day, I farm gold as usual and the terrible network makes my hero sacrifice his life. I still remember the scene:

4.Gorgeous Scene in ACT4

I believed that most of players would be hectic when you enter into ACT4. Although the ACT4 is short and looks like unfinished, I still impressed by the gorgeous design. How about you? The magnificent hall and noble monster is the typically epic game mode. Of course, the faming efficiency in there is low and the monster life blood is high.