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Skills Build and farming Items For Demon Hunter

7/12/2012 8:02:26 PM

Greeting everyone! This time we will share the experience of farming Diablo 3 Gold and Diablo 3 Items with all of poor Demon Hunters .This article aims to teach you how to become the strongest DH within shortest time in the game. While,the big boss wouldn't like to post in the first page. Parts of players who spend amounts of money on Diablo 3 Items will feel depressed.

First,we should choose the correct map to reach our goal! To satisfy the demand with high drop rate and easy to smash the elites monsters that we should visit –The Festering Woods!
Before we visit this map,you should use suited skills build.Follow this:

1. Shadow Power + Shadow Glide
2. Preparation +Backup Plan
3. Caltrops + Jagged Spikes
4. Smoke Screen + Lingering Fog
Left: Bola Shot + Imminent Doom
Right: Cluster Arrow +Loaded for Bear
    * The function of the skill No.2 can help you Instantly restore all Discipline.As you know, time is money in the game.Especially when you are fighting in the inferno.
    * Usually, match skill No.3 with Bola Shot can increase the critical hits damage.The best way to take advantage of this skill is that you should hit the central of the group monsters and disperse your critical hits!
    * The Skills No.4 is very important!There is no need to match the best run to Smoke Screen.While,Smoke Screen + Lingering Fog can help you eliminate all abnormal condition.For example: imprisoned,fear,and so on..Also,the momentarily invisible for 2.5 second will help you save your life in emergency.
    * I used like to use the Elemental Arrow +Lightning Bolts,as we all know,it has brilliant screen and feel so cool !While,the low damage can not help you gain extral advantage in the inferno.You 'd better use Cluster Arrow +Loaded for Bear.


Next,let’s begin to farming Diablo 3 Items right now!
When you arrived at The Festering Woods, if you are the lucky dog you will find the Warrior’s Rest easy and fast.Fortunately,if you meet the Goblin and elites monsters during the process of entering into Warrior’s Rest,you would better beat it all to get items exchange to D3 Gold.Actually,you just use Smoke Screen duration 2 times that you can enter into destination .Now,the Preparation can help you regain all Discipline instantly.The Skills No.3 with Bola Shot can help you wipe out all of small monsters fast.After you have entered into Warrior’s Rest,you must be encounter the elites monsters!While,if your magic find arrived at 200%,the opportunity rate to get two Rare Items is 100%.

As follow,there are my captured equipment:


You can find the same level items in the AH,the selling price up to 2000 w gold.However,if you fighting monster like me in this map you will become to be the rich man in the game within 4 days.Why not have a try?Anyway,game just for entertainment.Hope you enjoy your game!