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Firebats Witch Doctor in Field of Misery

5/28/2013 4:04:56 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]With the 1.0.8 patch coming, Witch Doctor is rising up at present patch. As a loyal Diablo 3 fans, I absolutely will enjoy the powerful WD at the first time. Fortunately, I already have a Witch Doctor which arrived at 11 Paragon Level. According to the popular experts share in the forum, I tested the Firebats Skill Build in Field of Misery.



In the Field of Misery, most of battles are close combat. In according with the professional player experience, I chose the Cloud of Bats which has strong powerful and the DPS created by bats would up to a maximum of 100%. Although Firebat has high DPS, when you encounter the distance monsters is useless. Meanwhile, the Mana system is always the shortcoming for the Witch Doctor. To solve this problem would better for you save life in the high Monster Power level.

As a Witch Doctor, you can give up the Zombie Bears but you can’t ignore the skill of Spirit Walk. This is the only skill for WD to resolve the control and run away. The most important 3 seconds would save your life timely and recover your Mana so that you can release Firebats quickly.. Usually, I use the Locust Swarm to attract the monsters together, then use Spirit Walk crash into monster crowed and release Big Bad Voodoo as well to output the Soul Harvest.

In this video you can notice I’m a totally newbie for the Witch Doctor, my friend present the weapon of Manajuma's Carving Knife to me. The additional attribute of Grants 5 Mana per kill would better for this skill build. If you would like to share your experience of Diablo 3, you can come to Diabloiiigold FACEBOOK Page.