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What do you think of the recommendation of Diablo 3 Alignment?

5/23/2013 11:55:18 PM


[Diablo 3 Poll]Recently, the enthusiastic player put forward a interesting suggestion of there is a alignment choice in future Diablo 3. I have to say this player must be the loyal players for World of Warcraft either. As we all know, the players in WOW were divided into two groups which is Alliance and Horde. Meanwhile, the PVP system largely depends on this opposite relationship. As for this suggestion, official manager didn’t rejected it! What about you viewCoin? Welcome to ou store take part in this discussion.


Would not work for Diablo III. Most of players think that would not necessary fit in D3. We love this game because it has the unique combat mode. Different from other MMORPG, i can decide my gaming style in D3. Nobody force me to make team finish the daily task, and there is no need to wait my teammates to farm gold and items. Everyone can be the solo king and enjoy the exclusive adventure. As a experts players, i prefer to the game make me free and relax. Just fight for the justice and huge treasure in the game!


It would be cool for Diablo III. Sounds great? Maybe i will choose as a hell man. As you know, in the real world, we have to be a better man. But in the virtual world, there is a chance for me to be a hell man is cool! In addition, the alignment would better for the PVP system in the future. Brawling is boring and we need some interesting factors to stimulate our motivated as well as keep the adventure of upgrading move forward. Maybe this way is so cool!


Don't care. The Diablo III has released for one year. During the past period, we all experienced kinds of exciting moment with our friends. We do love this game, no matter what change and update in this game, we will enjoy it and support it as usual.