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Diablo 3 Wizard Energy Twister Critical Mass Build

5/20/2013 11:12:09 AM

[Diablo 3 Guide]In public game and the Inferno Machine, you would find that Wizard is the best teammates you could find with control and great AOE damage. Frost Nova is always the No.1 skill to control in high Monster power. Energy Twister and Explosive Blast are the two main skills to give high damage. Below is the skills and runes for Diablo 3 Wizard Energy Twister Critical Mass Build.


Diablo 3 Wizard Build


Energy Twister-Wicked Wind: with this rune, you do not have to worry about the path of the Twister. It would spin on the ground instead of running without monster damage. When you are in Act III the Damned Tower, the advantage is especially obvious.


Explosive Blast- Chain Reaction: This skill can cause great damage around you. Actually this build is referred to be Melee Wizard build. If you do think that Wizard can only stand far away to give damage, then this skill would prove that you are totally wrong.


Storm Armor- Shocking Aspect: This skill can save your at least 5 billion Diablo 3 Gold compared with Monk. Won Khim Lau is the great weapon with Lighting Damage. But if you would like to have one, it would cost you a big fortune. With this skill, Wizard can have better choice in the weapon.


Critical Mass: This is aimed to reduce the cooldown time of Diamond Skin, Frost Nova and Teleport. If you are in great danger, then you could run or absorb the damage converting it to life.


Diablo 3 Items recommendation: Storm Crow. As we have mentioned before, Storm Armor is a great skill with lightning damage. Storm Crow would enhance the lightning damage. What’s more, you could get life on hit, critical hit chance, critical hit grant arcane and damage against Elites. But one disadvantage is that, there is no socket in the Head. If you would rather have a gem to increase your Diablo 3 Power leveling, then this may not be right for you.


Diablo 3 Items


This Energy Twister Critical Mass Build is targeted at Monster Power 6 or higher. It would help you to be a teammate who can not be replaced. For more information, please visit news part.