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The New Promotional Activity for Diablo 3 Players on Staturday,July,7!

7/5/2012 6:09:17 PM

Hello everyone!
Have you enjoied the big favourable coupon on last Saturday?Actually,the number of members participated this activity is out of our imagination.Meanwhile,parts of customers are complaining about there is no promotional activity for non US Server.Now,we have replenished our Diablo 3 Gold stock to held the sales campaign for EU Server,US Server and Asian Server players on Saturday- July,7 !While,before you want to enjoy the big discount that you should become our free VIP members.(Please Sign in to be our member.)


*   On saturday July,7, the player who buy Diablo 3 Gold can ejoy "Double Member Coins".

*  Coupon -- "IGN" will give 5% free Diablo 3 Gold to customers who place order on Saturday !


To appreciate our thanks to the EU server customers.The Special offers like this:


" EU5 " -- With this coupon you can enjoy 5% cash discount whole day!
" EU8" -- This coupon can help you gain 8% free D3 Gold,so long as you place order from there on Saturday!

Tips for the newbie:That is the important order information!You should fill the coupon number in the blank.For example:put the "IGN" into "Use Coupon" window text.