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Which Monster make you fear most in 1.0.8 Patch?

5/17/2013 7:12:27 PM

[Poll]The patch 1.0.8 is coming now! With the adjustment of monster density in A1 and A2, there are lots of farming route were explored. As you can see, the players in your friends list are turning to Fields of Misery. While, no matter which act you choose, there are different strongest monsters waiting for you. Recently, there are lots of players claimed the Wood Wraith is the most horrible monster in ACT1. They looks like normal trees, they will offload pods which explode emitting a poison gas as long as you approach to them. Most of powerful expert players are killed by the terrible gas by accident.

In the new patch, except the elites I supposed you may meet most dangerous monsters which would kill you without warming. We have collected the famous Monsters in Diablo 3. Which one make you fear most?

1.Wood Wraith – the killer who rise up now. There is no doubt that gas of Wood Wraith has strong power. Honestly, I always be killed by the poison even at Monster Power 3. How about you?


2.Savage Beasts – the large, buffalo-life herd beasts seen in the plains areas. Although they haven’t fast movement but the fast and powerful charging attack would cause inscrutable damage each attack.


3.Goatman – quickly and effectively attack always make me helpless. I still remember the first time I lose myself is encountering the Goatman in Highland. Facing numerous Goatman, my weak Demon Hunter couldn't stand it!


4.The Unburied- is the guardian in ACT4. We all know the monsters in ACT4 are strong and powerful, and the unburied highest life blood would make you have no idea. What is your experience, share with us now!


5.Fallen Maniac- if you are the high DPS player you would be careful the Fallen Maniac in Keep Depths Level 2. Before the 1.0.8 patch, parts of players are farming Diablo 3 items in ACT3. As for my personal experience, the Fallen Maniac is the most dangerous monster.


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