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The Disadvantage of Witch Firebats in Patch 1.0.8

5/16/2013 10:14:45 AM

[Diablo 3 Guide]Since Patch 1.0.8 released for a while, the Firebats Whirlwind of Witch Doctor undoubtedly becomes the latest popular topic now. As well, during the 1.0.8 PTR, there are most of players promote the powerful skill. While, we have to remind that you can have a try on Firebats, but it not suitable for everyone!

The damage of Firebats needless to say that would be the highest DPS skill at present! But, this skill has several disadvantage which is the consumption of mana is high. If the recovery of Mana can’t follow up, there is no damage any more. Another disadvantage is very dangerous when you were controlled, interrupted by monsters because there is no damage there is no life recovery. In the end, you were killed by monster group. Of course, if your equipment were brought by huge amounts of Diablo 3 Gold, and the attribute of attack, defensive and life blood are very high that you shouldn't take consideration. Here, I discussion most of ordinary players'question.


Now, I would want to share several suggestions. If you want to use the Firebats, you’d better make up groups with other players. The ice Wizard and Monk are wonderful partner, and you can totally stand there to output damage. As long as you notice that your equipment didn’t apply to this skill, you’d better switch the original skill build.

Each player has an appropriate skill build in Diablo III, there is no need to follow the other’s step when there is marvelous build in forum. You should in accord with your economic strength and operation custom to decide your skill build. While, if you are boring about the traditionally operation, to explore new build enhance your powerful and DPS is great! All in all, hope you guys enjoy the game and upgrade fast!