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How to Get Diablo 3 Gold Coupons at

5/15/2013 5:43:11 PM

[Diablo 3 Activity]In order to answer the question raised by many buyers in our store about how to get diabloiii coupons from our store, we write this article specially to introduce the specific ways to get code from our store. By reading this, it would become easy for you get Diablo 3 Gold cheaply and timely.


The first way is paying close attention on our Facebook which carries plentiful useful information about our store. Every time, we would share the news on our facebook community, including the coupons or codes which we are going to give out to each customer in our store. Our facebook address is


The second way is registering in our store. By saying register in our store means that every customer needs to provides us some personal information, such as your name, e-mail address and some other information. You have the access to log in only after registering in our store. Here, you need to provide us a correct e-mail address which you use it often as we would send information about privileges, modifications and any other information to your mailbox from now and then. As for the personal privacy, we guarantee that no third party knows your information. Being a member of our store can not only help you know the discount information in the first time but also enjoy more member privileges in the following buying procedure.


The third way is keeping your eyes open on scanning our updated news. If you are careful enough, you may notice that we nearly update our news everyday. Different contents would be introduced in our news, guides for playing the game, different polls for sharing everyone's opinion, and the information about the coupons we are going to release. We would appreciate your kindness sincerely if you give us more suggestions or criticism after reading our news.

Lastly, you can contact our customer online service or the administrator of our facebook directly. You can consult whether we have the discount activities in recent days or not. Our 24*7 online customer service would give you clear responses in the first time. 


All the ways above can help you get the coupon information correctly and timely. All the information including the discount date, the discount price or extra gold you can enjoy, the time will last and the detailed step to get our codes will be showed clearly for you.