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The Powerful Double Player Team in Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.8

5/13/2013 6:21:22 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]With the upgrading of 1.0.8 patch, there are lot of playing modes emerge now. While, in this new patch, we can clearly notice that Blizzard aims to attract players make team to farm items. Therefore, the powerful double player team was born from this time. Now, we are glad to share the expert experience with you!


First, you should have a close friend that you can directly enter into his game randomly. You have no need to waiting for the strangers add into your gaming, and sometimes the stronger would make you crazy! Secondly, the team needs two different types of professions such as high output damage character and tank character as the defense. With the enhancing of Witch Doctor and Demon Hunter power in 1.0.8 patch, these professions are the most popular high output careers now. The defensive characters we recommend the Monk because of the Monk can better to cooperate with the Witch Doctor and Demon Hunter. In addition, two heroes in a team can reduce the repeatability of running map. For example, in the cross road you need to go twice by yourself, but there are two heroes that you can save more time.



Witch Doctor + Monk

The Witch Doctor assists the primary output. We recommend the mainly damage skill Firebats match wth runes of Jinx, Soul to waste, Paranoia, Slam Dance to increase the damage so that maximizing DPS.

As for the Monk, the primary skill rune is Implosion which can pull monsters with 34 yards. Then, relying on the Witch Doctor to release the clouds of bats and other of assistance AOE skills. The rest of skills you can choose some protection skills such as: dizziness, increase life blood, enhance defensive.

Demon Hunter + Monk

Same to the Witch Doctor and Monk, the Demon Hunter should choose the new strengthen skill – Rapid fire and Bombardment. The other skills we should choose enhancing DPS as the primary. When the Monk gathering the elites monk, you just use the Rapid fire to bomb the monster group.

Through the test of more than 10 times in the Keep Depths Level 2, each time you clear up all the elite monster just need 4-5 minutes. Compared with farming D3 Gold alone, you playing with your friends would be faster and the security would be increased.


From these two different type, we can notice that Monk is the most popular profession which gathering the dispersive monsters and support the other hero release DPS. That's so cool! Above these just explain the disadvantages of double player team. If your friends are online, I believed that would be exciting if there are lots of players together!