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Differnt Whirlwind among five Professions

5/10/2013 6:00:40 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]As a loyal Diablo 3 fans, I always wander at Diablo 3 forum recently. Unintentionally, I found an interesting occasion that five professions in Diablo III are different and have its own characteristic. The various skill build emerge in endlessly have strong attraction for us. As for my personal view, that each hero has the whirlwind skill.

1.Barbarian - Whirlwind
Depending on the weapon and spin and form the wind to attack enemies. There is no doubt this skill is the core skills for Barbarian speed farming Diablo 3 gold and items. To add the rune of Dust Devils can reach double whirlwind effect.


2.Monk – Sweeping Wind
There is a whirlwind around you, although it won’t take long time. You still can control the time of wind by attacking. To match with rune of Cyclone to create lighting tornado that periodically electrocutes nearby enemies. That’s wonderful and amazing!



3.Witch Doctor – Firebats + Cloud of Bats
This skill call forth a swirl of bats around you, although these bats dislike the Barbarian and Monk can create small whirlwind, they becomes stronger gradually and the DPS would increase 25% every second. While, this skill build appearance after 1.0.8 patch release because of the new change has enhance this skill.


4.Wizard – Ray of Frost + Sleet Storm
This skill would create a swirling storm around you, and release damage as clod to all enemies nearby.


5.Demon Hunter - Rapid Fire

Actually, there is no skill has whirlwind for Demon Hunter. But, according to the other professions’ effect that Rapid Fire can matches the reality. To target enemies and output damage by itself rotation is the popular skill to upgrade and farm fast at present.

Above the analysis of five professions, each hero needs the variety of wind. Sometimes, I thought that would be spectacular if five characters use the whirlwind skills simultaneously. Then, should Diablo 3 change the name as Whirlwind Diablo 3?