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The summary of Double Whirlwind Barbarian in 1.0.7 Patch

5/6/2013 10:54:48 AM

[Diablo 3 Guide]This Skill Build is the most practical and useful for Barbarians at present which has strong output damage, fast farming efficiency, and mobile abilities. According to the different personal requirements you can adjust this build and create an appropriate Ancient Double Whirlwind Build. Basically, this build has no disadvantage and well suited for the high MP.


There is no doubt that Double Whirlwind is the most popular skill build since 1.0.4 patch has released. In this build, the Double whirlwind provides the primarily AOE output, meanwhile it is the functional skill which improves the efficient of farming and movement. In addition, the Double Whirlwind would provide sufficient fury so that you can make the Wrath of the Berserker continuous to use. In most cases, this skill build would help you acquire fury faster than the fury consumption, and you should continually release the Battle rage and Sprint.


The Whirlwind is the mainly output in this build, which has close relationship with the speed movement. Therefore we should maximize the movement speed. Generally, the items should have 24% movement speed additional. Anything else, the survivability of double whirlwind is stronger than the Ancient of Hammer.


The Into the Fray has provides the fury and damage additional which is the core skill for the mainstream build at present. There is no Into the Fury, there is no infinite fury and there is no continues Wrath of the Berserker which is the strongest skill among all professions. If you want to farming Diablo 3 gold fluently, the Wrath of the Berserker is the necessary.


This article aims to talk about the build, but inevitably some equipment problems must be covered. We just share some experience about how to choose ideal Diablo 3 Items at Auction House easy. First, the critical hit chance and critical hit damage are important. The critical hit chance affects the acquirement of fury as well as affects the Ancient of Hammer. Any part, besides the Stone of Jordon we should pursue the high critical hit chance. By the way, no matter arm with 2-hand weapon or the 1-hand weapon that you should socket the green gems. Meanwhile, the 2-hand weapon should has reasonable attack speed to acquire the whirlwind efficiency.