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What do you think of the hard cap on MF/GF in 1.0.8 patch?

5/1/2013 2:47:30 PM

[Diablo 3 Poll]According to the Community manager announcement, we can hit the maximum of a 680% bonus to MF in the upcoming 1.0.8 patch because the adjustment of XP shrines multiplicative and Multiplayer Bonuses. In order to stimulate players get more fun in the Diablo III, the developers are dedicate to improve the gaming experience of Multiplayer mode. In addition, to provide the directly reward to players would make most of players feel happy and spend more time on farming D3 Items online. What do you think of the increased MF in the future? Will you invite your friends come back and start the adventure of farming d3 gold again?

That's wonderful. To farm legendary items everyday is the most attractive for me in the dark world. The improved MF/GF would absolutely enhance the drop rate of rare and legendary items. How can we refuse it? We are glad the developer can take the demand of player’s at the first consideration. I really need the increased MF in the 1.0.8 patch!


Don't care. Actually, I have no ideal about the maximum of 680% hard cap. Did the 680% means we can get more legendary items and Diablo 3 gold in the game? I don’t think so! One of my friends who have 55 paragon level and the MF above 230%, but she hardly get an excellent legendary item. For my personally experience, MF has nothing at all. And, auction house is the only way we can get what we need!


Insignificance adjustment. We all know Blizzard try the best to balance to game according to the requirement of our players. No matter what kind’s of change in the game, the boring Diablo III can’t attract me back again. We need more different make us happy and get big pleasure when we are finish the quest and farm Diablo 3 items with friends. Can you do that?

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