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Normal Problems of Monk Solved by Expert Players

4/25/2013 6:32:11 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]With the adjustment of game difficult, appearance of new equipment and various skills build burst into bloom, there are lots of branch for Monk's armor system and weapon collocation. The traditional theory and summary need to update result in the Monk beginner feel confusion of playing Monk. Now, we have collected some normal questions and ask the expert player solve these problems as follow:


Q: Dose the attribute of Life on Hits has significance for Monk?
A: With the increased of generally DPS, the importance of life steal has demonstrated. Meanwhile, all damage skills can create life steal as well as the capacity of life steal has nothing to do with the attack speed. At this time, the attribute of life on hit which depends on Fists of Thunder to trigger and the limitation of high requirement for attack speed let it slowly exit the stage of history.


Q: Should we choose the weapon which has the attack speed increased?
A: In the early stage of D3, the average DPS of normal Monks between 3-8w, and 10w is really the outstanding! During this period, the popular Monk skills build has relationship with attack speed. Some players would wonder why. Actually, because of the life steal directly to the DPS, but the life on hit has relationship with attack speed. When everybody has the low DPS, to increase the attack speed and life on hit would simple. All in all, about the choice of attack speed, the key Coin is to ensure the standard DPS with a high attack speed. (Take premise of critical hit damage and critical hit chance fixed as we as the priority.)


Q: What about the value of Echoing Fury?
A: The Echoing Fury same to the Armor attack speed that is an excellent weapon which would increase your attack speed on the condition that DPH wouldn’t decrease. About the Coin of attack speed, an echoing fury with 0.25 can make up two pieces of armor which has 9 attack speed. There is no doubt that is wonderful for the beginner to reduce the pressure of choosing the great items has attack speed. Obviously, this weapon can improve the panel DPS largely!


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