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Diablo 3 Gold farming in Act III--Wizard

6/28/2012 11:33:59 AM

After Diablo III finished the 1.0.3 patch,the biggest change is the improvement of the High-end items (items level 61-63)drop in all acts.While, when you own the Nephalem Valor up to 5 level.Usually,you can get a rare gear after you beat the elite monsters. Fortunately, the chance of farming more 3 rare gears is possible! Maybe you are the lucky dog!After the modification of the items drop,the gear with function of Magic find is the essential factors for the palyers to farming Diablo 3 Gold and Diablo 3 Items.I suggest that you search for it in the AH in a hurry. If you have changed all of your gear with magic find,the items dorp will add 150%-170% even without Nephalem Valor.

Regarding of choosing items,the requirement of searching in AH as follows: Intelligence 80+ Vitality 80+ Magic Find 15%-20%.Of course, that all depend on your individual !

Now,we are armed with the equipment of farming treasure, the most important thing is find a map with sufficient D3 Gold and rare items. Here,I want to recommend you a route which called Dragged Carcasses.Ok,let’s begin our adventure in ACT III – INFERNO DIFFICULTY .

When you enter into this quest then transmit to Tower of the Damned Level 1.

In this map,how to finish the quest fast?You should follow my suggestion.
First,you should draw the elite monsters into the red arrow area and suicide.After you revie,along with the red line and kill the monster on the blue spot ,you can finish the quest fast.You know, sometimes the monsters are stupid waiting for you.However,the next Tower of the Cursed Level 1, Tower of the Cursed Level 2 have the same spot can stuck the monsters, you may find it by yourself.

Notice: In the Tower of the Damned Level 2,you absolutely draw the elite monsters to next level due to there is no spot can help you trap the monsters.

Next,this is my gear’s information(without Nephalem Valor )

Hope my personal experience can help you! Thanks your visiting!