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Which Boss is Your Best Record in 10 Monster Power level?

4/24/2013 4:17:34 PM

[Diablo 3 Poll]Before the 1.0.8 Patch has released, a lot of players team to smash maps day and night. Although we are familiar with the maps, even we feel tired of the monotonous maps.Except that farming D3 Gold with friends, there are still lots of interesting thing we can challenge in the Diablo III. As you see, most of groups try them best to smash the record of beating boss with the least minutes. Have you tired to test your best record to kill the boss? In the D3 forum, we notice the players announced they smashed the Uber world record. Actually, it is really amazing and exciting! How about your record? Which boss is your best record in 10 Monster Power level?

1.Skeleton King and Maghda

Maybe this group is the most difficult for most players. The Skeleton King is the first big boss in Diablo 3. I still remembered the first combat with him, which make me frustrated and troublesome. In fact, the attack damage of Skeleton king is ok, but the Moth Dust has strong lethality. As far as we know, the best record of killing these bosses is 56.71 seconds. How about you and your group? Is Skeleton King your best record in 10 MP?

2.Ghom and Rakanoth

I guess most of players would kill Ghom and Rakanoth easy and fast. What is your best record to finish it? Facing this group, you should be careful about the Gas Cloud. As long as you have standard life steal that standing here to kill the bosses is enough. First, you should beat the Rakanoth. The life steal and life on hits as the essential attributes we should pay more attention. The latest news show the fastest speed to smash this group is 14.06 seconds. Will you have a try?

3.Kulle and Siegebreaker Assault Beast

When you are encountering this group, you absolutely should rely on the tactics and the cooperation with your companions. You guys can divide into two groups which take charge of the Kulle and another one answer to Siegebreaker Assault Beast. To deal with the unresponsive beast that you should bring your fast speed into full play. Just cost little Diablo 3 Gold that you can buy an excellent Zunimassa set to increase movement speed.At present, the best record I know is 20.88 second.


Welcome to and share your experience with us. Among these monster groups, which group has your best record? Is that Ghom and Rakanoth? Just join us discussion now!