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Diablo III Story: The Competitive of Wizard and Demon Hunter

4/22/2013 6:21:04 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]Since the Diablo occupy the Heaven of summit, the whole world involved in chaos. While, in the chaotic world there are lots of heroes who aims to kill the Diablo. The Demon Hunter Jerey and Wizard Edward is the outstanding person among these heroes. They grew up in the same village, no matter in what situation they need to compete for a championship until the Diablo appearance, they start the adventure of destroying the Diablo.


Heroes have accumulated lots of fighting experience in the process of adventure and learned various combat skills. The process of wiping out the enemies is increasingly easy and quick which makes them there is nothing can challenge. Until one day, they received an invitation, the general content as follow:


I'm the village chief of Mystic falls, and I need to tell you the bad news. Although the Dark Lord hasn’t movement now, the crisis is coming soon. We need to select a group of excellent staff together to crash into the heaven and break the enemy’s plane. The heaven is dangerous now, only the most outstanding personal have chance participate in this action. We organized a contest to pick up the top 100 warriors challenge the Diablo in heaven! Meanwhile, the warriors would get the legendary D3 Items as the reward, you absolutely exchange it to Diablo 3 Gold on the Auction House.


Jerey and Edward are so exciting to see this announcement and immediately packed luggage set out to destination. When arrived at the destination, everybody got a number and the battle list would post everyday. Jerey and Edward finally reached at the final match after overcome all the difficulties on the way.



This day, there are lots of people come here witness the most important result of the match. However, Jerey and Edward has prepared now! Just see the Edward focus an arcane orb Coin to Edward, and Jerey use the vault to avoid the attack from Jerey and release a Caltrops quickly as well as Hungering Arrow. Edward knows how powerful of this skill, within the prescribed scope the arrow has the target function. So, he releases the Teleport to move to Jerey right now, after that using the Frost Nova to freeze. Of course, to deal with Jerey is no so easy who use the Smoke Screen quickly disappeared. This battle has experienced a long time and the final combat is no winner. In the end, the two heroes are happy and exciting, because they know that they become stronger than before!

The competition is over now, but the combat is not yet! The village head commissions Jerey and Edward as the leader led the two teams start to the summit of heaven. The new round of challenges began.

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