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What do you think the ideal of dropping random keys in Nekarat Key Warden

4/16/2013 11:59:27 PM

[Diablo 3 Poll]The 1.0.8 RPT has released for a while, the monster density improved and the chance of farming legendary items has increased. At this time, Blizzard adopted the suggestions which comes from Diablo 3 fans. Recently, the loyal Diablo 3 Players put forward a good ideal of dropping random keys in Nekarat Key Warden so that motivating players’ interest and enthusiasm on ACT4. Meanwhile, the monster density and experience award should be adjust again. However, the community manager has responded to this proposal and announced that would added in the later patch. What do you think of this ideal? If blizzard has changed the ACT4, will you choose ACT4 as your farming place?

Good ideal:As you see, we are tired of farming Diablo 3 Gold and Diablo 3 Items at ACT3. If the Blizzard would increase the dropping random keys in Nekarate Key Warden that wonderful! There has been more monster density change in ACT which would provide different chance for players to upgrading. In addition, this change would drive players challenge the difficult get more fun!


Nothing different: Well, we are similar with farming gold at ACT3. As the experts players, to finished all act plots is a piece of case. We don’t mind the efficiency of upgrading, and the purpose of playing Diablo III just relax myself. According to the my own real preferences, i can choose the ACT which i want to adventure.


Have no idea: Actually, we have no idea about this suggestion. We have away from Diablo III before the 1.0.4 patch release, and we still waiting for the big change in the dark world. I don’t think the 1.0.8 patch has strong attraction fo me, and Blizzard really need to bring the different experience in the game. An excellent online game could not rely on the new patch to keep players, and you should know what is the players really want!

How do you thing idea of dropping random keys in Nekarat Key Warden? Which one is your opinion? Join us and discuss together!