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How to choose right Diablo3 Helm for different professions

4/15/2013 7:17:43 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]As the popular online game, there is no doubt that the most interesting thing in Diablo 3 is farming items. Various and abundant Diablo 3 Items has strong attraction for us. You wouldn’t know what kinds of weapon you will get in the future. While, facing the numerous items in the Auction house, how can we find out the right equipment for our hero? Of course, the rich practice experience can help your search the most rewarding items. Today, our expert players would share the experience of choosing right helm for professions.


Immortal King’s Triumph

At present, the price of this helm is cheap than before! There are three factors you can take Immortal King’s Triumph as the first consideration for Barbarians. Firstly, absolutely is the all resistance which would improve the vitality. Secondly, the primary attribute strength should more than 200. Thirdly, the +1 random magic property should add all resistance or vitality. The specific price you can reference to Auction House.


Inna’s Radiance

Compared with 1.0.4 Patch, the price of Inna’s Radiance has undergone sharply decreased. While, this helm still is the most cost-effective helm for the Monk. What attribute is the essential factor you should take consideration? For my personal experience, Fist of Thunder damage>Sweeping Wind damage>2 Spirit generation>all resistance>life%>vitality.


Natalya’s Sight

There 2 random magic properties, one of them we should choose Critical Hit Damage and another one you should take consideration of vitality and dexterity. Above all, you should choose the attribute according to your skill build. Theoretically, the Natalya’s Sight has the 200 dexterity and 6% critical hit chance is the best! But, as the Demon Hunter you should pay more attention on the all resistance and vitality.


Tal Rasha's Guise of Wisdom

The attribute of critical hit chance, socket, and life% make Tal Rasha’s Guise of Wisdom becomes the ideal choice in the middle class. As for the Wizard, we absolutely should focus on the 280 intelligence, high all resistance and 6 critical hit chance. Although these attributes is hard to search in AH, you still can set it as the highest pursuit.


Zunimassa’s Vision

There is no doubt this mask is recommended for the Witch Doctor. The +1 random magic property should choose the Critical hit damage increase or the magic regeneration. Then, the high all resistance and high intelligence is wonderful!

More Diablo 3 Items analysis we would share with you in the future. Meanwhile, the cheap D3 Gold for sale with instant delivery hot for sale now!