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How to farm Diablo 3 Gold and Diablo 3 Items fast?

6/21/2012 9:41:28 PM

Diablo 3 has finished the new patch 1.0.3,meanwhile,the new boom of farming Diablo 3 Gold is coming.One of the update is increasing the High-end items (items level 61-63)drop in all Acts of Inferno and the effect of Nephalem Valor.Now,according to th new patch,i want to talk about how to obtain high-end items.While,the approach of gain excellent items is easy and effective for all characters.

First,when you enter into inferno,choosing the Crused Hold then through the wayCoin to Northern Highland.In this map,you will step into a Watch Tower in the west of wayCoin random.If you couldn't find Watch Tower,please quit the game and reset map.You may doubt that why we should choose from here, please be patience,that won't let you disapCoined!
Before we enter into Watch Tower,you can hang out in the map and defeat all blue monsters and gold monster.Through the process of fighting,you can accumulate several buff,in addition,you maybe encounter the radom Gold Goblin!Ok,now,let's move into Watch Tower.

Watch Tower is a small map,but there is 80% prosbility to encounter a gorgeous box.When we wipe out a several groups blue or gold monsters,the rank of out buff will be reach at 5.During the short time,you can increase the buff and harvest the Gold box,why not have a try?Next,we can back to fix our equipments and move into Halls of Agony.Our plan is rush into the exit in upper right of map.You have no need to waste time in this map,what we should do just at shortest time to save the NPC in the Warden.By the way,to smash all of blue and gold monsters is essential for you to keep enough buff!What's more,the Warden is a tender boss who can contribute a high-end items for us!

The last spot--Butcher!This map is difficult than the former,you should be familar with it!Keep in mind,never ignore the blue and gold monsters.After the 1.0.3 patch,with the Nephalem Valor you get the chance to gain a rare items!Ok,there is no need to say the result when you kill the Butcher.With full package and back home!

All of this are depend on my personal period,the time you cost is short and fast!With the improvment of your items and skills that you can farm more Diablo 3 Gold and Diablo 3 Items efficient.If you get the legendary Diablo 3 Items,never forget to share your experience with us!@ [email protected]